About Us

We didn’t name our company Lawncare Solutions for any old reason…

We provide clients with solutions in a personal way. The single best difference between Lawncare Solutions and other lawn care providers boils down to one simple premise: we care more. It’s the kind of caring that can only come from being a business owner. One that lives, works, and is part of the community in the Tri-Cities area.

J.D. Adams is the owner of the Lawncare Solutions and he makes an effort with each and every client on a personal level. You can guarantee you will see J.D. out on your property ensuring that not only is the job getting done, but it’s getting done right.

J.D. communicates with his clients, letting them know where their projects stand and its progress. This means the world to his clients, as his follow-through gives them peace of mind. As a local community business, Lawncare Solutions strives be professional, courteous, and dependable. After all, we live in the community with you all.  Our work defines us.